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Miami Dolphins’ Richie Incognito has been bullying teammate Jonathan Martin with racial epithets and threats. When Martin stepped down from the team last week, someone on Facebook asked the question, “Is it bullying if both people are over 300 pounds?”

Yes, it is. Because bullying is when someone uses his strength and meanness to intimidate another person. And strong, mean people come in large and small packages, and so do their victims.

The great news is that unbullies also come in large and small packages, as you will see in this video. What’s an “unbully,” and what attitude do you need to have in order to use this label on yourself? Justice Miller gives us an answer (and an example) about 2:15 into this clip.

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I can’t help but think that, had Incognito been a part of a team like this when he was in junior high, things would be going so much better for him…and for Jonathan Martin.



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