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From The Gospel of John, photo courtesy THINKFilm
From The Gospel of John, photo courtesy THINKFilm

The Gospel of John (2003)

Narrated by Christopher Plummer and featuring Lost’s Henry Ian Cusick as Jesus, the 2003 version of The Gospel of John is a three-hour, word-for-word epic. (If you watch all these films in one sitting without a bathroom break, you’ll be spending about 9 hours and 30 minutes on your couch.)

While the other three Gospels share a great many stories and passages with one another, John feels like a much different sort of book, emphasizing even more Christ’s divinity and leaving no question in the reader’s mind as to whose son Jesus really is. And while both audiences and critics greeted the film with a collective ho-hum on its 2003 release, it’s become a bit of a Christian cult classic, with some believers saying it’s their favorite cinematic Gospel rendition ever.

You can also watch this film at, but the full movie also is available on YouTube, where more than 5 million people have watched at least a portion of it. Click below to watch.



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