Basketball Belief: How the 16 Teams Left in March Madness Reflect Spirituality

By Paul Asay on March 23, 2017

No more Friars. No more Demon Deacons. Even those hated Blue Devils are gone. The NCAA Basketball Tournament has been hard on teams with religious nicknames. And for casual fans like to inject a little spiritual insanity into their March…

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3 Ways Christianity Sneaks Into Beauty and the Beast (Despite that ‘Gay Moment’)

By Paul Asay on March 16, 2017

I’m pretty sure that Bill Condon wishes he had just kept his mouth shut. Condon, director of Disney’s soon-to-be-blockbuster Beauty and the Beast, told the British magazine Attitude that one of the characters, LeFou, has a “nice, exclusively gay moment”…

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Lent on the Small Screen: Watch Movies Based on All Four Gospels (and Win One, Too!)

By Paul Asay on March 14, 2017

We’re in the middle of Lent right now, a time of year when many Christians try to be especially mindful of Jesus and the incredible sacrifice He made for us. Its 40-day duration is meant to remind us of Jesus’ time…

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Christianity and Kong: What Hollywood’s Biggest Ape Has in Common With The World’s Largest Religion

By Paul Asay on March 10, 2017

We can’t ignore the 800-ton gorilla in the room. Kong: Skull Island stomps into theaters today, pounding his chest, tearing apart dinosaurs and (its makers hope) thrilling a new generation of moviegoers. If we’ve learned anything since Kong first appeared…

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The Zookeeper’s Wife Looks Intense

By Paul Asay on March 9, 2017

It’s going to be quite the March at the movies. Seems like the month is slammed with the sort of high-profile popcorn munchers that we’d typically see in May or June. Logan’s already made more than $100 million in less…

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Logan is a Christian Fable Disguised as a Superhero Story

By Paul Asay on March 6, 2017

  Logan’s a rough ride—raw and bloody and dark. And it’s the best superhero film since The Dark Knight. It succeeds in part because it’s not trying to be a superhero film. While Logan and Charles Xavier (Hugh Jackman and…

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CNN Finds a Pretty Good Show in Finding Jesus

By Paul Asay on March 3, 2017

If you took each hour-long episode of CNN’s Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact Forgery and distilled it to its essence, you’d be left with about a 90-second show. Take Sunday’s season premiere (airing at 9 p.m. EST and PST), “The Pilate…

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Hugh Jackman Leaving Logan Behind (But Not, Apparently, His Faith)

By Paul Asay on March 2, 2017

Logan tears into theaters this weekend, and I think it’ll be 2017’s first bona fide blockbuster. Critics love the thing, and Logan’s resonant Super Bowl commercial didn’t hurt interest any. But the biggest buzz surrounds Hugh Jackman, who says this’ll…

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Let’s Have Viola Davis Accept All the Oscars

By Paul Asay on February 27, 2017

Leave it to one little mistake to hijack all the Oscars. Hey, I get it. When something goes according to plan, it’s not news: It’s business as usual. When something goes wrong—like, switching envelopes for the biggest award of the…

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Oscar Darling Hidden Figures Shows Us How to Stand up to Injustice Gracefully

By Paul Asay on February 20, 2017

If you go to the movies, you know what’s needed to take on an evil overlord: A flame thrower. Well, not always a flame-thrower. Sometimes it’s a light saber or a machete or a magic wand. The weapons don’t matter…

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