A Grandpa’s Christmas Prayer for his Grandsons

By Tim Wright on December 14, 2016

Dear Phoenix (age 6), Judah (almost 6), and Decker (age 3),   Following Jesus has been an important part of my life since I was your age.  My grandpa was a pastor who prayed for me and modeled a compelling…

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Your Sunday School Program is Working…But Does it Work? (Check out the Quote from a Millennial!)

By Tim Wright on May 24, 2016

If you run Sunday school/Children’s Church concurrently with worship, it may be working well. The kids have a place to hear the Gospel at their level. The adults have a place where they can hear the Gospel at their level…and…

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Why Men Hate Going to Church: A Podcast with David Murrow

By Tim Wright on May 24, 2016

David Murrow is the author of Why Men Hate Going to Church. Few people have their finger on the pulse of the men’s crisis in our churches like David does.   If you don’t see the media player below, click here to listen to…

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How to Speak Man: A Brief Tutorial for Church Leaders Who Want to Reach Men

By Tim Wright on May 13, 2016

Men and women are equal. Men and women are different. That’s my starting point. If you can live with that, then I invite you to continue on. It’s no secret that men have dropped out of the Christian Church in…

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Beware! Jesus Only Serves Sinners

By Tim Wright on April 7, 2016

I have come to call not the righteous, but sinners! —Jesus An old proverb says: If you want to know what a person is like, look at his/her friends. Time and again Jesus was caught hanging with the wrong kinds…

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Is Nastiness the New Authenticity?

By Tim Wright on February 25, 2016

During a radio show the host said he couldn’t support Donald Trump because he wasn’t acting Presidential. His guest said that that’s what many find so compelling about Donald Trump. His behavior, even when it’s so inappropriate, comes across as…

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If Jesus Gave His Nazareth Sermon to Evangelical Republicans…Would They Want To Throw Him Off a Cliff, too?

By Tim Wright on January 29, 2016

Imagine the scene: Jesus, who once played on the dusty streets of the village of Nazareth, who was probably related in some way to many of the villagers, who perhaps worked side by side with many of his neighbors fixing…

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The Myth of the War on Christmas?

By Tim Wright on December 19, 2015

Several news outlets, including CBS and NBC, recently covered a story about yet another apparent attack on Christmas. It even made the news in England. A Jewish mom complained about a trip her son’s class was going to take to see…

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Why Dropping Sunday School Could Save the Soul of Your Church

By Tim Wright on November 10, 2015

(Excerpted from: Sunday Schooling Our Kids Out of Church! The True Story of How One Congregation Dropped Sunday School to Save its Soul) The latest statistics paint a disturbing picture of faith trends in the U.S. Although 70% of the…

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The Church’s Male Dilemma

By Tim Wright on September 29, 2015

For the last several years, authors like my friend, David Murrow, have passionately argued for re-engaging men with the Gospel, through the Church–creating a two-fold dilemma for the Christian Church in the 21st Century: The first dilemma: Does the Church…

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