Why Church Matters to Your Kids–Part 3: Reason #2 is…

By Tim Wright on May 1, 2015

In my first two posts on this issue I have argued that the Church matters…and that it matters to your children.   I offered the first reason for why I believe this to be true in the last post: The…

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Why Church Matters to Your Kids–Part 2: Reason #1 is…

By Tim Wright on April 23, 2015

As I cited in my first post on this subject, church attendance among Christians has been in serious decline. Where a generation ago those considered “regulars” attended 3-4 times per month, today “regulars” attend once every 4-6 weeks! And these…

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Why Church Matters to Your Kids, Part 1: Does the Church Matter?

By Tim Wright on April 16, 2015

Philip Yancey, in his book, What’s so Amazing About Grace, opens up with a gut-wrenching story about a man who was approached by a prostitute in Chicago. She was homeless, broke, sick, and unable to feed her 2-year-old daughter. Through…

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Confessions of a (Former) Seeker Church Pastor

By Tim Wright on November 6, 2014

I was the Associate Pastor of a large, Lutheran, Seeker-driven congregation in the Phoenix area from 1984-March 2005. And I loved every minute of it! Every day was energized by the creative passion to find new ways to connect with…

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For the Sake of our Children: Redefining the Legacy of Success

By Tim Wright on May 28, 2014

I wrote this for the Huffington Post last year at the request of Arianna Huffington in reply to an email I sent her responding to a new discussion she is holding on how to redefine success for women.  Make sense?   The…

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If We Want our Kids to Grow Up…Perhaps We Need to Grow Up!

By Tim Wright on May 9, 2014

I was at my granddaughter’s soccer game last week.  (She’s going to be 5 this month.)  The team is made up of 4-6 year olds. During the game, a grandpa from the opposing team yelled at his grandson: Next time…

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If I Were a Parent of a Boy…(Guest Post by Michael Gurian)

By Tim Wright on January 4, 2014

For the next several months a group of writers focused on the issues of boys and men are collaborating through the writing and sharing of blog posts in order to bring greater awareness to the unique challenges boys and men…

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What Does it Profit Parents to Over-Program their Children….and Lose the Souls of the Kids in the Process?

By Tim Wright on November 26, 2013

At the end of a seminar I led on boys a man in his 70’s pulled me aside to ask a few questions.  In doing so he made some interesting observations.  He noted that, in his opinion: Far too many…

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