A Grandpa’s Christmas Prayer for his Grandsons

By Tim Wright on December 14, 2016

Dear Phoenix (age 6), Judah (almost 6), and Decker (age 3),   Following Jesus has been an important part of my life since I was your age.  My grandpa was a pastor who prayed for me and modeled a compelling…

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It’s Been 50 Years Since a Boy Has Been Raised in the White House: Has It Changed the Nation?

By Tim Wright on July 21, 2016

Embed from Getty Images   When was the last time a little boy was living in and running around the White House (and I mean a real little boy…not a President acting like a boy)?

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Boys and Girls Learn Differently–A Podcast with Dr. Michael Gurian

By Tim Wright on May 20, 2016

Dr. Michael Gurian is the New York Times Best-Selling Author behind books like The Wonder of Boys; The Mind of Boys; The Purpose of Boys; The Wonder of Girls, and Boys and Girls Learn Differently. Michael talks with me about his starting point…

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Why Don’t Boys Make the List of Presidential Campaign Issues?

By Tim Wright on March 23, 2016

Immigration…equal pay for equal work…gun control…Wall Street…taxes…the Military…gender equality…terrorism…the national debt…the Middle Class…the top 1 Percent…Education…Border Security…Big banks… The list of concerns being addressed by our 2016 Presidential candidates includes these important issues and more…but one crucial, society-impacting issue is…

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The Danger of Raising Soft-Minded Men

By Tim Wright on January 21, 2016

A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan. –Martin Luther King, Jr. One afternoon I was at my granddaughter’s house. She was watching a cartoon designed for young preschool…

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Could Dad be the Key to Healing Our Country?

By Tim Wright on June 26, 2015

Near the end of his book, Do Fathers Matter? What Science is Telling Us About the Parent We’ve Overlooked, Paul Raeburn writes this: Multiple studies suggest that fatherlessness is a major contributor to crime and  juvenile delinquency; premature sexuality and…

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Boys and Girls Emote Differently–Can’t We Be OK With That?

By Tim Wright on June 5, 2015

Man-up! Take it like a man! Shake it off! Most boys hear those words and exhortations constantly throughout their lives. Men don’t cry! Men suck it up! Act like a man! Recently I’ve been hearing push back on that phrase,…

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Why Church Matters to Your Kids—Part 4: Reason #3 is…

By Tim Wright on May 8, 2015

If Jesus matters to us, then what matters to Jesus will matter to us. If it matters to us that Jesus matters to our kids, then what matters to Jesus will matter to our kids. The Church matters to Jesus…

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Why Church Matters to Your Kids–Part 3: Reason #2 is…

By Tim Wright on May 1, 2015

In my first two posts on this issue I have argued that the Church matters…and that it matters to your children.   I offered the first reason for why I believe this to be true in the last post: The…

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Why Church Matters to Your Kids–Part 2: Reason #1 is…

By Tim Wright on April 23, 2015

As I cited in my first post on this subject, church attendance among Christians has been in serious decline. Where a generation ago those considered “regulars” attended 3-4 times per month, today “regulars” attend once every 4-6 weeks! And these…

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