The Twelve Days of Christmas (According to One Lucky Elf)

By Cathy Fair on January 6,2017

Yesterday marked the end of the official twelve days of Christmas, and today’s Epiphany makes me think of my own kind of epiphany this holiday season, thanks to Boot Campaign. We know it’s better to give than to receive –…

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Doorstep Deliveries of Joy - Santa Boots Makes One Family's Christmas Possible

By Cathy Fair on December 20,2016

In their darkest days, Santa Boots brings light to a deserving military family.

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Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmetic, and Respect - Putting Patriotism in the Lesson Plan

By Cathy Fair on November 15,2016

Boot Campaign teams up with teachers to make it easier to teach kids about Patriotism.

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Scarier Than Clowns... Talking to Your Kids About This Ghoulish Election

By Cathy Fair on October 27,2016

Does this historically negative campaign have you spooked about how to talk about it with your kids? You’re not alone!

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Prescribing Patriotism for More Virtuous Kids

By Cathy Fair on October 7,2016

Want a magic potion to make your children more compassionate, grateful, and empowered…and less self-centered? Try patriotism!

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No Excuses - One Veteran’s Tough Love Advice for Navigating the Road Back to Civilian Life

By Cathy Fair on September 28,2016

Turn the page and start a new chapter – first-hand advice for vets struggling to move from the military into civilian life.

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