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3 Things To Know Before You Adopt

By Show Hope on September 9, 2016

The adoption process is confusing. It can seem complex and convoluted. You may feel overwhelmed by how much you don’t know, even to the point of not knowing which questions you need to ask.

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The Reality Of The Orphan Crisis

By Show Hope on August 23, 2016

Every day millions of children wake up without a family. This reality should shock us, right? That is a staggeringly high number, and every single digit represents a real, unique child—a child with hopes and dreams and fears and struggles…

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4 Ways To Help Adopting Families

By Show Hope on August 11, 2016

Okay, so YOU aren’t adopting, but you know someone who is. What should you do?

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4 Reasons Every Child Needs A Family

By Show Hope on August 4, 2016

Every child needs a family. We believe this is a fundamental truth about human beings. We were created to live with the love, protection, and permanency of a family. But for more than 140 million children in the world, the…

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3 Prayers For Adopting Families

By Show Hope on July 28, 2016

Adoption is best approached with an open heart and a prayerful attitude. The adoption journey is beautiful, but it can also be long and trying. We are so thankful to love a God who invites us to lean on him…

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5 Steps Toward Becoming A Foster Parent

By Show Hope on July 21, 2016

The orphan crisis is a global tragedy. It exists overseas and in America. Right now, there are thousands of children in foster care in the United States. These children live without the security and love of a permanent family, and…

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Four Reasons Why is Adoption so Expensive

By Show Hope on July 13, 2016

It’s the most common question we hear. “Why is the adoption process so expensive?” This aspect of the process seems confusing and complicated. And, well, it can be. The adoption process, especially when you are just starting out, has many…

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10 Bible Verses Kids Should Know

By Show Hope on July 6, 2016

The Bible is God’s word. It is truth and life—encouraging the believer to walk in the light and inviting us into a deeper relationship with God. That’s why it is so important to read scripture with your kids. Hope and…

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4 Struggles of Life Without Parents

By Show Hope on June 29, 2016

The loving bond between a child and a parent is one of the most beautiful, sacred, and important relationships in the world. A parent plays an irreplaceable role in the life of a child—influencing physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This…

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4 Comments About Adoption You Didn’t Know Could Be Hurtful

By Show Hope on June 22, 2016

The adoption journey is not always easy, and it doesn’t end the day a child is welcomed home. Many people are unfamiliar with the full experience of those impacted by adoption. As a result, it’s very  easy to be inadvertently…

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