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Isn’t Pandora great? I pretty much listen to Pandora all day — at home while I work, in the car while I drive and at the gym while I’m working out. A person’s Pandora stations say a lot about them. In the Lowe’s case, it says opposites must attract, because our stations couldn’t be any more different. We thought it would be fun to list our top 10 most listened to stations and see what you guys think.

Sean’s Top 10
Black Keys Radio
Classical for Studying Radio
Garth Brooks Radio
Randy Rogers Radio
Dance Cardio Radio
Dubstep Strength Training Radio
Frank Sinatra Radio
John Coltrane Radio
John Mayer Radio
Texas/Red Dirt Radio
Catherine’s Top 10
Sia Radio
Amy Winehouse Radio
Yelle Radio
Rihanna Radio
Ellie Goulding Radio
Ceelo Radio
The XX Radio
Lykke Li Radio
Kendrick Lamar Radio
Frank Sinatra Radio
Okay, so whose list do you like better?

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