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Hey everyone! Catherine and I have been crisscrossing the country the last few days going from Dallas to Phoenix back to Dallas, only to sleep for five hours, and then to New York for a day and finally back to Dallas. I’m chugging coffee as I type this because I’ve probably had a combined 10 hours of sleep in the last four days.

Anyway, it’s great to be back home and now I can look forward to spending some much needed time with my family this weekend.

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Today I want to share with you this video which was taken Sunday while I was at Cornerstone Church, just outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

I answer a lot of questions about The Bachelor and then I go on to speak about my faith and how my faith has influenced who I am as a person. I’m honored to have had the chance to tell my story of God’s goodness in my life and I’m proud to say that over 100 people gave their lives to Christ Sunday.

Watch below!

Friend Day with Sean Lowe from Cornerstone Online on Vimeo.

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