How Catherine and I came up with the name for our baby boy — 3 years ago!

By Sean Lowe on July 29, 2016

You might be surprised to learn when we named this kid.

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Pit Sweat, Fantasy Suites, and Thailand – Live Tweeting Episode 9 of The Bachelorette

By Sean Lowe on July 26, 2016

Catherine and I giggled like idiots all night in our fantasy suite. That’s what everyone else does too right?

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Why doesn’t God stop mass shootings?

By Sean Lowe on July 22, 2016

God is going to conquer evil once and for all.

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My Little Family

By Sean Lowe on July 20, 2016

Now, we’re three.

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This is what I always looked forward to most about being a Dad

By Sean Lowe on July 20, 2016

I know this won’t last long.

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7 baby pictures (the last one is Bachelor-style)

By Sean Lowe on July 17, 2016

Sometimes your sister signs you up for a TV show and you end up with one of these. Love this little boy so much.

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What Is The Biblical Response To #BlackLivesMatter?

By Sean Lowe on July 9, 2016

This attack in Dallas really hit home… especially since it happened 2 miles from our house.

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Photos: The Baby is here!

By Sean Lowe on July 3, 2016

He’s here.

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She’s 10 months pregnant and I think she’s going to kill me: Week in Photos

By Sean Lowe on June 30, 2016

Does it feel like Catherine’s been pregnant for years?

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Tim Tebow prays with family during in-flight medical emergency

By Sean Lowe on June 29, 2016

Embed from Getty Images Tim Tebow can’t catch a break from being the center of criticism, not only for his abilities as a former NFL quarterback, but perhaps even worse, for his strong, outspoken faith.

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