Blade Runner’s Vision of Hell

By Paul Miller on June 9, 2014

A hellish vision of mortality.

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Ender’s Game Plays by the book…or at least close enough

By Kendrick Kuo on November 1, 2013

Lovers of the novel may be pleasantly surprised.

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42 and Jackie Robinson’s Legacy of Nonviolence

By Kendrick Kuo on April 11, 2013

Review of 42, Directed by Brian Helgeland The story of Jackie Robinson is familiar to most Americans, but being an American who grew up overseas, I must confess ignorance of this iconic hero before watching 42. (The educational value of…

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The Raiders of the Lost Ark Discover That “Our God is a Consuming Fire”

By Paul Miller on April 10, 2013

Review of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Directed by Steven Spielberg When I was growing up, I read a lot of The Hardy Boys and The Sugar Creek Gang series, adventure stories in which boys solve mysteries, chase bad guys,…

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May the Force Be With You

By Paul Miller on April 3, 2013

Review of Star Wars, Directed by George Lucas  If you ask a cinephile what his favorite decade was, chances are he will pick the 1970s.  That decade was full of movies that movie lovers love to love–really dark, gritty, tragic,…

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