Isolation and Freedom in “Tracks”

By Kendrick Kuo on September 19, 2014

A reckless woman treks through the Australian desert to find peace

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Don’t Watch ‘The Drop’

By Kendrick Kuo on September 12, 2014

Review of The Drop, Directed by Michael Roskam Let me say up front, this movie was horrible. I’ll set up the background story then tell you why. Cousin Marv (James Gandolfini) and Bob (Tom Hardy) work at a bar in…

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God’s Not Dead … but His people have terrible taste in movies

By Coyle Neal on August 20, 2014

The latest religious claptrap panders to a skewed worldview and misses the point

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The Giver keeps on giving

By Elizabeth Whyte on August 16, 2014

Movie is a faithful rendering of a classic book.

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Another ode to Americana action films

By Andrew Collins on August 16, 2014

Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.

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Release your inner ‘Hercules’

By Coyle Neal on August 13, 2014

How the power of positive thinking will help you throw a fifty-foot statue of Hera on top of an army.

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Calvary: A Passion Week of his own

By Andrew Collins on August 8, 2014

Why Christ-figures are ultimately no substitute for the real Thing

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“Get On Up” and Feel the Funk

By Kendrick Kuo on August 1, 2014

James Brown biopic is just plain fun.

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Magic in the Moonlight: Is Magic Real?

By Kendrick Kuo on July 25, 2014

Woody Allen’s take on spirituality and the life worth living.

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A tribute to authenticity

By Andrew Collins on July 2, 2014

It may not be the key to success, but it is the key to happiness.

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