This Week on Sleepy Hollow: Family Matters

By Coyle Neal on December 11, 2013

Family is a good thing, but it won’t save you.

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The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Heckling

By Alexis Neal on December 9, 2013

Lessons on truth and criticism from NBC’s The Sound of Music Live.

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Out of the Furnace … and into the darkness

By Andrew Collins on December 6, 2013

A great journey into the depravity of the mundane.

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What’s past is prologue, and it’s probably better too! Reflections on a classic horror flick.

By Coyle Neal on December 4, 2013

Old isn’t worse!

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Disney’s Frozen: A Warm Story

By Guest Contributor on November 29, 2013

This holiday season, take your kids to see a princess story that focuses less on finding Mr. Right and more on the importance of family and the value of sacrificial love.

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Sacred and Profane Places in Sleepy Hollow

By Coyle Neal on November 27, 2013

Should Christians be afraid of Haunted Houses?

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Doctor Who: My Best Friend is a Pagan God

By Paul Miller on November 22, 2013

Happy 50th birthday to the lonely god in a blue box.

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Catching Fire, or, Why We Fight

By Paul Miller on November 22, 2013

Catching Fire is way better than The Hunger Games. It is also the newest and least necessary World War II propaganda flick ever made.

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Truth and History in Sleepy Hollow—Who needs it?

By Coyle Neal on November 20, 2013

In which the writers play fast and loose with historical accuracy, again, some more, and Ichabod Crane acquires the ridiculous cultural artifact known as the “fist bump.”

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Tyranny and Ranching on the ‘Red River’

By Paul Miller on November 18, 2013

An unsatisfying conclusion mars an otherwise enjoyable classic western.

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