Muppets Most Wanted a True Friend

By Kendrick Kuo on March 21, 2014

A lesson in not getting what you want.

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Come stay at The Grand Budapest Hotel

By Andrew Collins on March 14, 2014

A brilliant (if irreverent) experience

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Veronica Charms

By Elizabeth Whyte on March 14, 2014

How to make a movie out of a TV series, and do it right.

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Everyone who has ever loved Legos should see this movie

By Andrew Collins on February 7, 2014

A delightful ode to youth and the best toys ever.

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Monument’s Men: Is Art Worth Dying For?

By Kendrick Kuo on February 7, 2014

A potentially monumental film falls short.

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Laughs and crazies in American Hustle

By Elizabeth Whyte on January 8, 2014

One dose insanity + one dose comedy = Oscar bait

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Our Understated Habit of Daydreaming

By Guest Contributor on December 25, 2013

Big dreams in everyday life.

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Grudge Match Teaches Forgiveness

By Kendrick Kuo on December 25, 2013

A surprising story of second chances.

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Redbox Review: ‘Warm Bodies’—A feel-good zombie flick?

By Coyle Neal on October 30, 2013

This Halloween, try an indie gem that offers zombies for him, romance for her, and a little Gospel reflection for all of us.

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Redbox Review: ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ is nothing special

By Alexis Neal on October 23, 2013

Joss Whedon’s latest film is a mixed bag that misses the point.

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