The Meddler: Interview with Lorene Scafaria

By Andrew Collins on May 18, 2016

An ode to loving mothers and how to cope with grief

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The Intern hits us right in the millennial feels

By Andrew Collins on September 25, 2015

The struggle is real

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Irrational Man is a hopeless triumph of the conscience

By Andrew Collins on July 27, 2015

It sure would be comforting to be a Christian…

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Calvary: A Passion Week of his own

By Andrew Collins on August 8, 2014

Why Christ-figures are ultimately no substitute for the real Thing

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Magic in the Moonlight: Is Magic Real?

By Kendrick Kuo on July 25, 2014

Woody Allen’s take on spirituality and the life worth living.

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A tribute to authenticity

By Andrew Collins on July 2, 2014

It may not be the key to success, but it is the key to happiness.

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Of Family and Training Dragons

By Paul Miller on June 13, 2014

This is Dreamworks’ best franchise.

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Child-Like Wonder at E.T.

By Paul Miller on June 11, 2014

Death, Childhood, and Reeses Pieces

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Words and Pictures: Let the battle of the arts begin!

By Andrew Collins on June 6, 2014

A delightful mashup of rom com and Dead Poets Society

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Dom Hemingway – the myth, the legend, and so on and so forth

By Andrew Collins on April 11, 2014

A middle-aged, cockney-accented, safecracking bro.

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