Unbroken by Jesus

By Elizabeth Whyte on December 22, 2014

Truth is stranger than fiction

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The Imitation Game: Decently likable, terribly trite

By Elizabeth Whyte on December 15, 2014

The Imitation Game masquerades as a more profound movie than it is.

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The Imitation Game: A war story for the 21st century

By Andrew Collins on December 12, 2014

Hollywood has been waiting to tell this story for some time

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“Get On Up” and Feel the Funk

By Kendrick Kuo on August 1, 2014

James Brown biopic is just plain fun.

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No Savior for the Raging Bull

By Paul Miller on May 19, 2014

Scorsese’s bleak early masterpiece.

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The Merciful Railway Man

By Kendrick Kuo on April 18, 2014

Eric Lomax’s story of Christ-like proportions.

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Win the Internet and Lose Your Soul

By Paul Miller on March 7, 2014

Just because you’re a billionaire genius doesn’t make you my friend.

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Hannah Arendt Against World Opinion

By Kendrick Kuo on January 24, 2014

A woman of convictions stands unbent.

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Mandela’s Long Walk to Moral Leadership

By Kendrick Kuo on December 25, 2013

A type of leadership uncommon in the US today.

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