Birdman: the Torture of Creative Integrity

By Paul Miller on August 26, 2015

Review of Birdman, Directed by Alejandro Inarritu Oscars are useful as cultural barometers. They say much about what we think is excellent–and, thus, about ourselves. While the Academy was crowning Alejandro Inarritu’s Birdman Best Picture of 2014, I was watching…

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Ben-Hur Discovers the Epic Epicness of Grace

By Paul Miller on June 4, 2014

A colossal epic about the journey of faith.

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The Godfather’s Justice

By Paul Miller on May 28, 2014

“For justice, we must go to Don Corleone.”

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Perseverance Leads to Payoff with ’12 Years a Slave’

By Christian Hamaker on October 18, 2013

A reminder that people—and places—can persevere when there’s a hope set before them.

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When Mocking Jews Was Cool

By Paul Miller on July 17, 2013

Political correctness and anti-Semitism in the Best Picture of 1947.

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Here’s Looking at You, Casablanca!

By Alexis Neal on April 24, 2013

Review of Casablanca, Directed by Michael Curtiz It’s December of 1941 in sunny, depressing Casablanca, where refugees flock in an attempt to flee the ravages of Nazi-infested Europe. They flock to Vichy-controlled Casablanca, and there they stay—unless Captain Louis Renault…

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Argo: A Hollywood Feel-Good Fantasy

By Paul Miller on February 24, 2013

Argo, directed by Ben Affleck by Paul D. Miller No wonder Hollywood loves Argo.  It is a movie about how movies save the day. Argo has already won Best Picture at the Golden Globes, the Producers Guild, the BAFTAs, and…

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Gonna Fly Now; Or, the American (Non)Gospel

By Alexis Neal on December 31, 2012

Review of Rocky, Directed by John D. Avildsen By ALEXIS NEAL I feel a little silly describing the plot of Rocky (1976). Still, I know there may be a few young whippersnappers out there who never sat around on Saturday…

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Lord of the Rings: A Timeless Trilogy

By Paul Miller on December 13, 2012

Review of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Directed by Peter Jackson By PAUL D. MILLER It is hard to remember how firmly entrenched the conventional wisdom was that The Lord of the Rings was unfilmable. A disastrous animated attempt…

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The Slavery of Spite

By Paul Miller on October 11, 2012

Review of Rebecca, directed by Alfred Hitchcock By PAUL D. MILLER Rebecca (1940) is a creepy film. From the opening shot of trees in the mist to a key sequence in the fog to the closing shot of a mansion…

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