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This Week on Sleepy Hollow: Forgiveness, Freemasons, and Quaker Witches

By Coyle Neal on November 6, 2013

Is the key to sanctification really just forgiving yourself (Answer: No)

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No two ways about it—One Way Love is great!

By Coyle Neal on November 4, 2013

You and I may not be able to pronounce his last name, but we have a vested interest in reading Tullian Tchividjian’s book and fully absorbing its message.

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Redbox Review: ‘Warm Bodies’—A feel-good zombie flick?

By Coyle Neal on October 30, 2013

This Halloween, try an indie gem that offers zombies for him, romance for her, and a little Gospel reflection for all of us.

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‘Playing God’ puts power in its place

By Coyle Neal on October 28, 2013

Andy Crouch’s new theology of power celebrates God’s good gift and criticizes those who abuse it.

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Halloween, Horror, and the Cross

By Coyle Neal on October 25, 2013

Why you should enjoy a good horror story this Halloween.

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This Week on Sleepy Hollow: Plague, pestilence, and magical healing power of baptism.

By Coyle Neal on October 16, 2013

Baptism will make you wet, but it won’t make you pure.

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This week on Sleepy Hollow: Demons, Germans, and Tin-Foil Hats

By Coyle Neal on October 9, 2013

The truth behind our modern fascination with conspiracy theories.

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Your BETTER life now

By Coyle Neal on October 7, 2013

Wisdom from the Bible for the modern world

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Confession is Good for the Soul

By Coyle Neal on October 3, 2013

An effective and unexpected picture of repentance from this week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow

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Sleepy Hollow’s Abbie Mills: From Law-Breaker to Law-Keeper

By Coyle Neal on September 25, 2013

A cloudy picture of the Gospel from this week’s installment of FOX’s new show.

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