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Despicable Me 2: The Sanctifying Power of Adoption

By Guest Contributor on July 3, 2013

Steve Carell will make you want to be a parent.

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Eyes of the Heart in Photography

By Guest Contributor on May 14, 2013

Review of Eyes of the Heart by Christine Valters Paintner By JENNY BOSAK Eyes of the Heart, by Christine Valters Paintner, is about using photography to see images with the heart, rather than just “seeing” them in a technical sense. …

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My Beef With a Delicious Read

By Guest Contributor on April 25, 2013

A Review of Recipe for Joy, by Robin Davis By Jennilee Miller I like personal interest stories and I love to cook.  And eat.  So it wasn’t a tough sell for me to pick up “Recipe for Joy” when my…

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The Host: A Pro-Life Invasion of the Body-Snatchers

By Guest Contributor on March 29, 2013

Review of The Host, Directed by Andrew Niccol By Jennilee Miller The Host opens with different snapshots from around the globe, panning out on different faces, distinctly human but with striking eyes encircled with a silver rim around the pupils: …

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