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We are so excited to be back HOME in Tennessee.  We’ve bounced around for the past 18 years and are back to where it all began for the Hunk and I.  In April, we purchased our 3rd house and it is going to be the biggest challenge yet.

This was our First Tennessee home that we only had for a few years before moving to Vegas.

This is our Second home that you can still tour on the link above.  We were ready to come back to Tennessee so we listed our house in April of 2013 and it sold in 10 days! We bounced to a rental for a year before we finally found this home.

This house was built in the late 1980s and stayed in the late 80s.  Enjoy some pics of the before.

Family Room Fireplace

Opposite View

Dining Room Off the Family Room
Dining Room with beautiful Bay Window
Extremely Dated Kitchen
The kitchen was enclosed with the only light coming from over the sink.
It’s very dark.

Master Bedroom

Kids Room
Knowing we have our work cut out for us, we jumped at the chance to bring life back into this neglected home.  And this…..

This makes it all worth it

We’re glad to be back home.  Follow us as we share how we make it our own.
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