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When staging a home, you need to make sure each room has it’s designated purpose.  Our loft in our home has gone thru many changes.  First, it was my mini office
Then, we decided to homeschool our boys and needed a place, so we rearranged the room to suit our classroom.

I even built a craft desk.  I purchased two 9 cubby organizers and lined the backs with bead board.

The top was a precut 4 ft x 4 ft piece that I stained.

I added trim to the edges and I LOVED it, but it had to go.

It looked busy and may be difficult for a prospective buyer to find their purpose in the room.
Here’s the Before again:

And the after:

So much space!  My boys can flip and flop all over the place!
In my post about Depersonalizing, I shared the busy photos of my younglings as babies.

As much as I adored them, I replaced them with more neutral artwork.

On the other side of the loft sits my pretty bench makeover.
There you have it!  By transforming a room into a space with a purpose, you can boost the likelihood of offers when it appeals to every type of person.

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