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Selling Your Home Series - Tips to help you get the price you want!

Simplicity is the key in staging your home. Continuing in the Before and After’s in my Selling Your Home Series, here are some wonderful views of simplifying your home, especially those awkward rooms.

The Laundry Room can be a difficult area to address – filled with soaps, laundry, or decor that may not fit your buyers tastes.

Here’s a Before of our busy Laundry Room:

And After:

By removing all of the decor, it actually looks cleaner and less cluttered! And it only took an afternoon.

The same applies to the half-bath – which is another awkward space.

Here is our 1/2 bath Before:

And After:

It wasn’t awful in the first pic, but you can see that by taking away items actually opens up the space, making it more appealing to the buyer.

Another awkward space in our home was our office that we used as a recording studio.  It needed to still be operational, so how do you make it appealing to a potential buyer, especially if they won’t use this space the same as you?

It was a jumbled mess covered in instruments, cords and sound panels.

And After:

We plugged the window for sound proofing, but recognized that a potential owner may not see past the temporary nature, so a simple removal of the window and rearranging some our equipment and the room looks much more open and could envision the space as a home office.

So following these easy tips and tricks can help get your home to sell quickly!

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