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Staging your Kitchen is such a simple task to do.  I already discussed the importance of having an Impeccably Clean Kitchen, but now I’d like to show you my before and afters.

My kitchen before wasn’t in bad shape and I decorated it to my tastes.

I took some test photos to see how they would look on a listing.  Great pics, but when I looked at the kitchen photos, I noticed how busy they looked.  

I removed some of the items on top of the cabinets as well as the wall art and objects in the window.  I also did a thorough straightening of the cabinets and cleared the countertops.
Here is the result:

Still a great photo, but not as busy.  You notice the stainless appliances and the large amount of counter space.  I didn’t remove everything, but a side by side shows a huge improvement!
Here’s another angle with the kitchen table.
Throw rugs, knife rack, artwork…. You see all the decor and not the room.
Here’s the After:

I removed the rugs, 2 of the dining chairs and the leaf from the table.  We also removed the side table that was at the end of the island.

The coffee maker adds to that cluttered feel in this photo.

It now looks move in ready with lots of countertop ‘real estate’.
Tomorrow I’ll show you photos of the family room. 
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