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One of the best tips you can do to move your house on the market is to use Neutral Decor. While I LOVE color, I must admit that I chose my beige paint 4 years ago with a purpose – selling! We weren’t sure of our longevity here and I knew that if I had to sell quick, then a nice warm base color would be the best bet.  But looking below, it’s very busy.  Examine your rooms, maybe take photos to see how it may appear to a buyer. Do you need to remove some pieces of furniture, rugs, anything specific or kitschy?

Our son, ‘Rowdy’ loves orange, and we painted stripes in his Star Wars Room to add his favorite element to his room.  But what about a potential buyer? They may hate orange and don’t want the hassle of having to repaint.

‘Raucous,’ our other boy, loves trains and we added paneling to his wall surrounding his bunkbeds in his Train Room, to give it a feel of sleeping in a train car.  A potential buyer may be turned off by the paneling.  “Is it glued? I see more work I have to do.”

We used our loft for our classroom.  By turning the room back to it’s original purpose, you can help those potential buyers who can’t visualize beyond your decor or purpose for the room.

We have the designated study used as our recording studio.  For sound proofing, we plugged the window to allow for less outside noise.  We returned the window to its original state.  Again, less work, more potential $$.
You want your home to appear as move in ready as possible.  I talk with many friends who say, 
“Just leave that for the new homeowners.” 
What if all those little things that you leave behind for the buyer costs you 
thousands of dollars
Other tips from the world wide web:
  • Consider slipcovers if your couch pattern is busy or loud.
  • If painting isn’t an option, consider toning things down with accessories in neutral tones: cream, white, khaki, soft gray.
  • Use large mirrors and art instead of smaller collections of pieces. You want to move away from anything that looks busy or has too much clutter.  
  • Add touches of greenery here or there.  Nothing dangling or overbearing.

Stay tuned for the after photos of all these rooms.  
I am getting so anxious to share the results of all our hard work with everyone!  
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Now that you have neutral decor, learn the importance of Depersonalizing your Space.

For more advice from Renee, you can find her here!
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