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Depersonalizing your home may be one of the most important, yet overlooked things a seller can do to help move their home on the market.  We’ve talked about the importance of making sure your Curb Appeal and Neutral Decor are in place before listing.  The same goes for Depersonalizing.  
You are selling a House, not your home. The quicker you can help a buyer see themselves in your house, the better the chances of them considering an offer.
Here are some things to consider removing before you put your home on the market.
Personal Family Photos
While they are your memories and melt your heart, they won’t do that for a buyer.  Wrap them up to display in your next home.
Personal Paintings
I made this Family Rules sign a while ago along with the boys’ handprints, but that only looks busy and will not appeal to a couple without children.
Collections and Religious Items
I collect Willow Tree Angels and love to display them, but I’ve carefully boxed them all up until this house is sold.  Collections mean clutter and religious items may be offensive.  
Real Estate Expert Renee Burrows says, “They (collections) are always great conversation starters with friends but when they are displayed to buyers – they do have a tendency to make fun or get turned off by them.”

Monogrammed Items
This may seem generic enough, but even something as simple as a monogram may make a buyer not visualize themselves in your house.

Decorative Items that are a bit out of the ordinary
I have rocks in my 1/2 bath sink. Yes, rocks.  I stole this from another friend and loved how it made the sink look like a spa!  I constantly received comments about them, some good, some…. curious. While it was a personal touch in my house that I thought was unique, it could be turn off.
Other Items to Consider
Awards, Trophies and Medals
Worn Furniture or rugs
Tattered magazines or books
Clear the refrigerator!! No items, or pictures.
Store away those kitchen appliances
Clear off your bathroom countertops.
You want to remove any items that reflect your personal tastes so that the buyer can imagine themselves in each room.  The more obstacles you can remove upfront, the better the buyer can feel about the purchase.
You want the prospective buyer to embrace your house as their Home.
Here’s another thought to consider.  Some of you may be forced to sell your home for one reason or another.  The moment you switch gears and stop thinking Home and starting thinking House, the better you will be when the time comes to let it go.  These tips are a great starter for that momentum to begin separating emotionally.  Even the Hunk and I are amazed at how much our emotions toward our house have changed since removing these items.
It’s worth the time and money spent on storing them away if it could mean money in your pocket.  You’ve found the Right Realtor, know the Cost of Selling Your Home, Spiffed up the outside, and Gotten Rid of those Bold Colors.  
Next we’ll talk about my personal favorite – Cleaning!
If you have any other Real Estate questions, I highly recommend Renee Burrows.
Renee Burrows
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