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Depersonalizing your Home is key to helping a potential buyer envision themselves in your house.  
Sometimes it can be as simple as removing a few items.  
Our Entryway is our Formal Living Room and Dining Room all in one.  
Here are some Before pics of our Living Room.
An ordinary room, but let’s see if you notice the difference!
Faux Fireplace Painted Window
This is where I installed the Faux Fireplace and Painted Window.

Painted Window
It’s a bit dark with all the accent pieces.

There are personal photos and too much clutter on the tables.  
The leather chair blends into the room as makes it appear darker.

The painted window is one of my favorite books and there are my Willow Tree Angels I love.
The pillows keep the room dark and the ottoman looks busy with the tray on top. Behind the sofa, you notice the wall sconces, the rug and wreath.
Here’s another angle of the Formal Dining room.  Dark and busy.

And After
Depersonalizing your Space
It’s much brighter and open.  By removing the rug beneath the table, it brightened up the room.  
Taking the wreath and wall sconces down simplified the room. 
Now here’s the Living Room.  Lots of personal collections and very busy.

And the After

Depersonalizing Your Space
The eye is able to see the room and find places to rest.  The personal photos and spiritual items are removed and the room is open, brighter and welcoming to many different tastes.
If you missed the Depersonalization post in my Selling Your Home Series, click the button below.
Tomorrow we will be sharing photos of the kitchen!
Stay Tuned:
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