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In my Selling Your Home Series, I’ve been giving tips for prepping your home for the market.  Now it’s time to start sharing some before and after photo’s!  
We’ll start with the outside, since this is the first thing buyers will see.
Here is the before of the outside:
Overgrown bushes
Trimming needing to be done

Weeds and leaves galore
Here is the after!
The shrubs are pruned and the leaves are gone!  We are still in early Spring, so come summertime,
this yard will be green and the trees will be in full bloom. 

Making sure the grounds are kept clean and clear of the leftovers from autumn show a potential buyer that you took care of the property.

Waiting on Mother Nature may take some patience between seasons, so all the more importance is placed on keeping the grounds looking nice and trimmed.
Invite the buyer to your home from the moment they lay eyes on it.  Tomorrow, I’ll show you the photos of the front porch and the impact a pop of color can make.



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