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We recently purchased a fixer upper in April of 2014 and will blog about our home as we renovate.  The home was built in the 80s and stayed in the 80s and we are eager to make this house our home.
Here are my Goals for our Home Remodel 
and what we’ve completed:
Exterior (30% complete)
  • Install a fence
  • Build a fort for the boys
  • Replace the front door lights
  • Pressure wash the deck
  • Reenforce the deck structure
  • Grade the soil away from the house.
  • Replace our Hershey’s Kisses Trees with Birch trees?
  • Plant more greenery
  • Clean up the beds and eliminate the dated shrubbery
  • Put topiaries on either side of door
  • Do something with the driveway/walkway
  • Build a side yard Fire Pit
  • Trees, trees, trees!
Main Den/Family Room and Stairway (85% complete)
  • Paint walls, ceiling, and dental moulding
  • Replace Flooring
  • Purchase New Sofas
  • Create a Gallery Wall leading up the stairs
  • Paint interior of front door
  • Paint fireplace and update Mantel
  • Close door to secret bathroom and convert to a second master closet.
  • New area rug for Den
  • Add chicken wire to entertainment center doors
Dining Room (95% complete)
  • Paint walls, ceiling, and dental moulding
  • Build a pass through to the kitchen
  • Replace floors
  • Paint Table and Chairs
  • Change out the bookcase to a hutch
  • Find the perfect area rug (still deciding on this one – I love the ease of sweeping up after my messy boys and may just leave the floor bare for a while)
Kitchen (90% complete)
  • Paint
  • Raise Kitchen Cabinets
  • Replace countertops
  • Upgrade Faucet
  • Replace appliances
  • Install beadboard backsplace
  • Paint cabinets
  • Change hardware and spray paint hinges
  • Create a coffee nook
  • Add Shelves behind the door
  • Add ledge over kitchen window (add cafe curtains?)
  • Replace the flooring
  • Remodel the pantry
Master Bedroom(80% complete)
  • Paint walls , ceiling and trim
  • Replace floors
  • Buy more bedding
  • Hang curtains
  • Hang some art / wall decor
Master Bathroom 25% complete)
  • Paint walls, ceiling and shower area
  • Replace floors
  • Paint cabinets
  • Replace Shower Curtain
  • Change hardware
  • Add a window treatment
  • Add a rug
  • Frame mirror and install a medicine hutch
  • Replace countertop and faucets
  • Frost the window
  • Replace Shower Stall and Toilet (lofty and expensive, I know!)
Laundry Room & 1/2 bath (15% complete)
  • Paint walls, ceiling and trim
  • Paint existing cabinets
  • Replace Floor
  • Move the Water Heater to the Garage
  • Replace Door to Garage to insulated door.
  • Hide the electrical panel
  • Create a mud room feel
  • Add a more interesting light
  • Find a runner
  • Concrete the 1/2 bath counter
  • Add plank wall to 1/2 bath
  • Paint 1/2 bath cabinet base.
Upstairs (0% complete)
  • Paint/Decorate Boys Rooms
  • Replace carpet
  • Create a Den for my home office and boys TV room.
Upstairs Bathroom (0% complete)
  • Paint Walls
  • Paint Tile Floor in bathtub area
  • Find artwork

Recording Studio (0% complete)

  • Paint walls and ceiling
  • Hang Sound Panels
  • Make a Faux Brick Wall
  • Purchase Chairs or Sofa for seating

Miscellaneous (0% complete)
  • Replace Windows
  • Replace Garage Doors
Suffice it to say, we’ve mostly worked on the lower level of our home.  This years goals are lofty and moving upward…. to the upstairs! I can’t wait to share this journey with you and show you all the transformations as we make them!
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If you want to check out our previous home, please look at our home we sold in Vegas.
Click the photo above to tour the downstairs
Click the photo above to tour the upstairs.

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