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Photo of the Day: Purple Mascara

purple mascara happy birthday prince
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It’s Prince Day. So, purple mascara.

Truth is, she asked to play dress-up a week or so ago. She found an old makeup kit in a cabinet in the upstairs bathroom. It was a gift we gave her older sister a few Christmases ago. The little creamy circles of brightly-colored eye shadows were like holiday lights in June. Dazzling to a little girl.

Digging around in an old makeup bag, I found a tube of purple mascara. Ah, sweet Super B, “let me guide you to the purple rain.” To my memories of girlhood. To my regret for letting the sun set on my youth while I still too young to know I wasn’t old.

Did I ever tell you how glad I am that I get to be your mommy? Life is too short not to wear purple mascara.

Prince would have been 58 today.



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