4 Ways to Get Your Wife IN THE MOOD...and it's not what you think

By Ashley Willis on May 23,2016

When I was young, there was a book called Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and it was flying off the shelves.  As a kid, I thought this was a pretty cool title, but I had no idea…

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The question that will make or break your marriage

By Dave Willis on May 22,2016

I recently sat down with my friend Bob (real guy, but this is not his real name). With tears in his eyes, Bob confessed that he had turned his marriage upside down by sleeping with a woman at work and…

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How Black Lives Matter Brazenly Ignores Black Husbands and Fathers

By Roland Warren on July 28,2016

There is a big difference between being led and being misled.

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The BEST marriage advice we've ever heard

By Dave Willis on August 22,2016

This marriage advice revolutionized our relationship. It could do the same for you!

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Ten surprising facts about marriage in the Bible

By Dave Willis on August 16,2016

These ten timeless truths could revolutionize your relationship.

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9 habits that lead to divorce

By Dave Willis on July 5,2016

Every married couple has exchanged vows which promise “til death do us part,” but for far too many marriages, their dreams of “forever” are crushed by divorce.  According to government stats from the CDC, America averages one divorce every 36 seconds.…

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7 things your husband wishes you knew

By Dave Willis on November 10,2016

Understanding these 7 truths about your husband could bring you closer together than ever before!

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When your marriage feels dead

By Dave Willis on June 5,2016

I recently heard a story from a funeral that changed my perspective about marriage. It probably sounds out-of-place talking about a funeral and a marriage lesson at the same time, but funerals have a way of bringing into clearer focus…

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7 ways to protect your marriage in hard times

By Dave Willis on January 26,2017

I was speaking to a man from our church this morning and he was telling me about some major struggles he and his wife are facing. They’ve recently moved across the country, faced unexpected financial hardships, become estranged from their…

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4 marriage secrets from a couple married for 78 years (and counting)

By Dave Willis on June 20,2016

I recently read a news story about a couple in Kansas named Paul and Ada Day. They have been happily married for seventy-eight years (and counting). You can read the original newspaper story here.  We live in a world where we…

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10 Ways to Bring Out the BEST in Your WIFE

By Ashley Willis on February 21,2017

In marriage, it’s important that we strive to bring out the BEST in one another, but this takes intentional effort. Both the Bible and scientific studies have shown that a woman’s primary felt need is love; whereas, a man’s primary…

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7 questions to ask before getting a divorce

By Dave Willis on June 27,2016

Almost everyday, I talk to someone whose marriage is in crisis. They often feel desperate, exhausted and alone. It’s a heartbreaking scenario when the dreams of “Happily Ever After” are crushed, and in the midst of all the pain and…

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