He is Risen Indeed

By Paul Asay on April 16,2017

On Easter, my second father was actually dying.

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Lessons we learn from the Apostle Peter's "Abortion" Decision

By Roland Warren on April 12,2017

When truth and fear are in conflict, hard decisions have to be made.

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Family trees and the troubling problem of absent fathers

By Roland Warren on March 19,2017

Missing daddies matter.

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Why You and Your Spouse Should Have a MOUNTAIN TOP EXPERIENCE Together

By Ashley Willis on April 24,2017

A few months ago, my husband had the amazing opportunity to travel to Israel for 10 days with some awesome Christian leaders, speakers, musicians, and athletes.  It was truly one of those “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunities.  I was invited to go too,…

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The Hidden Truth About Venting

By Shaunti Feldhahn on April 24,2017

Your co-worker just made you so mad. Or maybe it was your husband who said something insensitive this morning. Or your teenager who rolled her eyes when you asked her to empty the dishwasher. Again. You feel like a pot…

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DIY Farmhouse Fan - making over your ugly fixture

By Jennifer Fancher on April 21,2017

We all have them in our homes – ugly ceiling fans that we would love to get rid of, but desperately need to keep. Here’s how we turned our eyesore of a fixture into a DIY Farmhouse Fan! Do you…

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Doing Dad Stuff with My Boy

By Sean Lowe on April 21,2017

Cue the ‘awwws.’

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What NOT to say to your man - ever.

By Shaunti Feldhahn on April 21,2017

Ladies, if there were a reality TV show like “What NOT to Wear,” but for relationships, these three things would be at the top of the list for “What NOT to say to your man.”  Now, don’t get me wrong;…

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Why Every Christian Should Visit Israel

By Dave Willis on April 20,2017

Just a few weeks ago, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to the Holy Land with an incredible group called Israel Collective. I had always dreamed of traveling to the lands of the Bible, and the actual experience surpassed my wildest…

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Just a little window dressing - ORC week 3

By Jennifer Fancher on April 19,2017

Thank you to the wonderful people from The Shade Store for partnering with me on our Master Bedroom makeover! Well, here we are friends – halfway through the One Room Challenge from Calling It Home and progress is coming along!…

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5 Ways You and Your Spouse Can SURVIVE (and even THRIVE) Through Hard Times

By Ashley Willis on April 19,2017

Life can be tough at times–not one of us is immune to it.  Sometimes, those difficult circumstances can bring out the worst in our marriage.  In fact, statistics show a high divorce rate for couples who experience heartbreaking tragedies such…

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High school senior rescues girl with deployed dad

By Jean Yih Kingston on April 19,2017

High schooler Matthew Garcia sprints to the field when he sees crying 9 year old cheerleader.

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