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7. Remind your spouse that you won’t hold this offense against them. Their character won’t be defined by the mistake, but by how they choose to respond in the aftermath of the mistake. 

Dave Willis quote inspirational your mistakes don't define your character it's what you choose to do after you've made the mistake that makes all the difference

Remind your spouse that THIS is a defining moment in your marriage. It’s a defining moment for his/her own character. Remind your spouse that you’re here for them. You are believing in them. You’re not going to hold this sin over their heads, BUT you are going to expect them to start right away to start rebuilding what has been broken. You will join them as a partner in these rebuilding efforts. You’ll do it together giving your best but you won’t settle for less that their best.

#8 is SO important if you are a parent with kids at home...



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