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Below are a few of the most popular status updates I’ve shared on our facebook Marriage Page. You could read this entire list in less than a minute, but I believe these words could make a lasting impact on your marriage. I hope these quotes bring some perspective, encouragement, focus and renewed passion to your marriage! For additional resources and some fun stuff for you and your spouse, please check out our free video series The 4 Pillars of a Strong Marriage.

In no particular order, here are 18 of our most popular marriage posts:

1. Husbands, Love your Wives Well! Your children are noticing how you treat her. You are teaching your Sons how they should treat Women and you are teaching your Daughters what they should expect from Men.

2. Someone once said, “Being in love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Whoever said that is probably divorced! The Truth is that husbands and wives must be quick to forgive and to humbly seek forgiveness from each other. “I Love You,” “I’m Sorry” & “I forgive you.” should be said often.

3. Be VERY careful about having friends of the opposite sex. If you have a “friend” that you tell things to that you don’t tell your spouse, then you are creating toxic situation. Affairs don’t start in the bedroom; they start with conversations, emails, texts and communication that lead down a dangerous path. Protect your Marriage!

4. Don’t be jealous of somebody else’s Marriage; invest in your own! If the Grass looks Greener on the other side, you need to stay home and water your own grass.

5. Don’t complain about your Spouse’s flaws…they are the very reasons why he/she didn’t find a spouse better than you!

6. Husbands and Wives must love each other regardless of their imperfections. Loving your spouse does’t mean that you approve of everything that they do, but it does mean that your commitment to them is bigger than all of their flaws.



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