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I’ve interacted with thousands of married couples (both online and in person) and I’ve discovered an alarming trend along the way…most married couples are discouraged by the state of their sex lives. Many of these couples aren’t sure why their sex life is so disappointing, so they have no idea where to start to correct the problem.

Married couples shouldn’t live in a perpetual state of sexual dysfunction and disappointment. I know the reasons that cause sexual tension can be very complex, but I’m convinced that the most common twelve reasons are the ones below.

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Every couple faces unique challenges, so not all of these will apply to your situation, BUT I hope this list helps spark some healthy dialogue in your marriage. I also hope you’ll commit to working together to improve the sexual intimacy and satisfaction in your relationship. It takes more than sex to build a strong marriage, but it’s nearly impossible to build a strong marriage without it!

Dave Willis sex quote it takes more than sex to build a great marriage but it is nearly impossible to build a great marriage without it

The 12 biggest sex-killers in marriage are (In no particular order)…



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