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3. Masturbating.

Most guys masturbate (starting in early adolescence and then never stopping), BUT while most guys assume it’s harmless, it can actually have a negative impact in the marriage for several reasons. Even if porn isn’t involved, masturbation creates problems of its own. First off, masturbation (especially when done chronically) can kill your sex drive and your desire for your wife. It can actually cheat her out of physical intimacy with you and make you less capable of meeting her needs. Masturbation also trains our brains to view sex as nothing more than a physical release and your wife becomes a means to an orgasm (often while you’re fantasizing about other women). You miss out on the emotional and even spiritual connection sex is meant to create marriage. Here’s the bottom line…masturbation is a selfish act and selfish acts always create more selfishness and selfishness is a marriage-killer.

#4 impacts your communication, respect and intimacy in marriage



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