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2. Looking at porn. 

Dave Willis quote never trade temporary pleasure for permanent regret

This one is going to step on a lot of toes, because millions of people (a majority of them men) look at porn regularly and see nothing at all wrong with it. I address this in much more detail in other articles and books, but in a nutshell, porn desensitizes us from real intimacy. It’s a form of virtual infidelity, and it’s a “gateway drug” towards other marriage-destroying behaviors. Marriage requires monogamy, and monogamy should be mental as well as physical. Instead of living in the fantasy world of porn, work to build stronger sexual intimacy in your own marriage. Check out our new 7 Day Marriage Challenge (by clicking HERE) for some healthy (and porn-free) ways to spice things up.

#3 often happens as a direct result of #2, but it has its own separate set of issues



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