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8. When can I watch SPORTS (or do my HOBBIES)? 

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We love seeing modern-day gladiators battle it out on the field and we even will sometimes live vicariously through them (since we all have an inner gladiator inside), but this isn’t the only reason we like sports. We also like sports because on that field or court, everything makes sense. The lines are clearly drawn, the rules are known by all and scoreboard is always in view. We wish all parts of life were this clear and measurable. We want “success” but don’t always know if we’re winning or not in most areas of life.

*Even when a man isn’t into sports, he will usually gravitate to one or more hobbies where he can “keep score.” (Video games, fishing, car shows, poker, etc.) There seems to be a hard-wired desire for structure and/or measurable success in most men’s hobby pursuits.

#9 is probably on his mind a lot but he probably struggles to communicate about it



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