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7. Comparing the current difficulties in your marriage with a false fantasy of how “good” life could be if you were single or with someone else. 

This false fantasy causes more divorces than perhaps any other factor. It seduces one spouse into leaving the marriage in pursuit of a mirage that doesn’t actually exist. In the short term, perhaps you could find some temporary reprieve from the struggles by ejecting from problem altogether, but divorce is usually a tragic and permanent solution to temporary problems. It’s a misguided attempt to stop the pain, but it always causes more pain in its aftermath. I’m not saying divorce is never justified, but like with my friends and with so many others, the temporary relief of quitting is nothing compared to permanent blessings of embracing the struggles and preserving together. You’ll be stronger on the other side. Couples who make it work aren’t the ones who never had a reason to divorce. They’re the ones whose commitment to each other was always bigger than their reasons to quit.

If YOU are currently experiencing any of these in your own marriage…Don’t give up on each other. Start some new healthy habits. Stick to them. Keep going on the difficult days. Pray. Lean on each other. Surround yourselves with friends who will encourage you and support you in this journey of rebuilding your marriage. Communicate with your spouse about everything. Stop making excuses and start making a way forward. For some tools to help you experience a one-week jumpstart on this journey towards a stronger marriage, you can 7-Day Marriage Challenge (by clicking HERE).

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