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3. MAKING ASSUMPTIONS instead of truly communicating.

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Assumptions are the enemy of healthy communication. In marriage, we can get into big trouble by getting into a mindset that says, “She knows I hate it when she does that, and she’s doing it just to bother me.” or “He should know that I need him to do ______ and I shouldn’t have to tell him.” There are millions more examples I could list, but they all have the same point. DON’T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS! Talk about everything. Express your feelings and ask your spouse to do the same. This is the first step in getting back on the same page. Even the Bible has some strong words about this: Fools base their thoughts on foolish assumptionsso their conclusions will be wicked madness.” (Ecclesiastes 10:13)

#4 happens all the time and it’s a common factor in most unhappy marriages



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