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Couple sitting of the couch having problems in their relationshiThere are plenty of “Wedding Vows” out there, but “Renewal Vows” are harder to find; so let me share some.

I encourage you to exchange the promises below (or your own version of them) with your spouse as a special way to begin a new season of growth in your marriage. Whether you exchange these words in a public ceremony or sitting on your couch in private, I believe your marriage will benefit from this promise of recommitment.

“Today, I recommit myself to God, to you and to our marriage. I ask your forgiveness for the wrongs I have committed and I promise to do my best never to repeat them. I will strive to be the one who wipes away your tears and not the one who causes them. I freely forgive you for any wrongs you have committed and I promise to let go of any past hurts and unresolved anger I’ve carried so that our relationship can move forward with renewed grace and healing.

promise to always see the best in you and to strive to become the best spouse I can possibly be. I will never again say the word, “divorce,” or to see separation as an option in our relationship. I vow to be your partner, your biggest fan and your best friend no matter what life throws our way. I commit to creating new memories together that will be filled with joy and laughter. I resolve to build my life and our family on a firm foundation of faith in God and His word. Because I am imperfect, I know I will make mistakes, but when I do, I promise to admit it openly, to take full responsibility and to humbly seek your forgiveness. I will never again allow anyone or anything to become more important than my relationship with God and my relationship with you. I wholeheartedly recommit my love and my life to you, ’til death do us part!”

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