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We men tend to get our priorities out of whack sometimes. We can be passionately devoted to our work, our hobbies and our favorite sports teams and still neglect the priorities that should matter most. I know I’ve been guilty of this at times. Can you relate?

Being a great husband is difficult. It’s much easier to coast through marriage on autopilot and settle for things being “ok” when our wives and kids need and deserve so much more from us. I’m writing this as a follow up to a post I wrote called How to be an AMAZING wife and I intentionally saved the husbands for last, because I truly believe that most problems in marriage are the husband’s responsibility. I promise I’m not writing this to beat up on my fellow bros out there; I’m writing this is a call to action.

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We need to “Man Up” and love our wives and kids the way they deserve to be loved. I’m writing this as a guy who needs a daily reminder of all these things myself! Here are the five most practical ways we can become better husbands. Ask your wife what she thinks of this list. It could lead to some great conversations…



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