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31 day anxiety depression devotional by Ashley Willis book cover

My wife Ashley suffered through a four-year battle of anxiety, worry and depression. It started as a bout of postpartum depression when our first son was born, but then it lingered and morphed into a long season of debilitating struggle. After many sleepless nights, hours of professional counseling and countless prayers, Ashley emerged from that challenge stronger on the other side. As she’s shared her story with others, she’s found that MILLIONS of people are facing the same difficulties she faced and they feel like they’re facing the anxiety all alone. 

Motivated by a desires to help others find the hope that she found, Ashley put together a devotional book where she shares some of the promises from Scripture and tools that helped her the most during her own struggle with anxiety and depression. It’s essentially a 31-Day journey to find encouragement, hope, healing and practical tools to help people emerge from the grip of anxiety. This new resource could have a huge impact on anyone facing these challenges. Please check out the new book on by clicking HERE and share this link with anyone who might be encouraged by it.

If you are facing anxiety and/or depression, please know you are not alone and hope is available! We’re praying for you. You will get through this. Please feel free to email us anytime at if you need an encouraging word. Thanks for being part of this online community.
God bless, -Dave

Please check out and share “31 Verses and Prayers for the Anxious Mind and Heart: A Hope-Filled and Healing Devotional for Those Who Struggle with Anxiety and/or Depression” by Ashley Willis by clicking HERE.



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