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sad couple with kids

Yesterday I was having lunch with a good friend and he said, “Have I ever told you about the day I almost lost my marriage?”

I was surprised, because he and his wife seem to have one of the happiest marriages I’ve seen. They just became empty nesters and they act like newlyweds in love. They’re also best friends and partners in every sense of the word. They have the kind of marriage that makes their own kids excited to get married someday. I would have never guessed that at one time, they were so close to divorce.

He said, “Our Marriage is phenomenal now, but there was a time when it wasn’t. I’ll never forget the day when my wife walked into my office unannounced with a baby on her hip and our two other kids standing next to her. She looked frustrated and exhausted. With almost no emotion in her voice she said some words that became the biggest wakeup call I’ve ever had…



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