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Ten Things Married Men Need to STOP Doing.

By Dave Willis on March 20, 2017

As I’ve interacted with thousands of married couples in person and online, I’ve noticed some bad habits many husbands are doing to sabotage their marriages. There are obviously many unhealthy behaviors many wives are doing too (like the ones my…

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Ten Signs of an Emotional Affair

By Dave Willis on March 14, 2017

I recently received an email from a woman who was having an emotional affair. The sad-but-familiar story began by describing a “friendship” she had developed with a man at work and it had progressed into something much more. The relationship hadn’t…

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The Truth about Saint Patrick’s Day

By Dave Willis on March 13, 2017

March 17 has become an annual tradition of all things Irish. In America, we have 35 million citizens with Irish ancestry which is 7X the actual population of Ireland itself. With so many “Honorary Irishmen,” it’s not surprise that the…

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7 Ways You Hurt Your Wife’s Feelings (Without Even Realizing It)

By Dave Willis on March 9, 2017

In the years I’ve been working with married couples and researching the factors that make a healthy marriage, I’ve discovered something surprising along the way… Many times a husband will do something to hurt his wife’s feelings without even realizing he’s…

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HIS 5 biggest needs, HER 5 biggest needs

By Dave Willis on March 7, 2017

My wife Ashley and I recently sat down with a couple who had drifted apart and they were desperately trying to reconnect as a couple. We guided them through some questions to help them get to the root of where their…

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12 Habits that Lead to Divorce

By Dave Willis on March 2, 2017

Every married couple has exchanged vows which promise “til death do us part,” but for far too many marriages, their dreams of “forever” are crushed by divorce. According to government stats from the CDC, America averages one divorce every 36…

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The 12 Forms of Infidelity in Marriage

By Dave Willis on March 1, 2017

I recently talked to an old friend whose marriage is in crisis. His wife has been having an ongoing affair with her personal trainer at the gym. The aftermath of the affair is ripping their family apart. What she naively…

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How Jesus’ last words can change your life

By Dave Willis on February 22, 2017

Embed from Getty Images The Academy Award- winning World War II movie Saving Private Ryan tells the story of a young soldier (Private Ryan) whose brothers have been killed in battle. To spare his family the agony of losing all…

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One simple way to INSTANTLY improve your marriage

By Dave Willis on February 21, 2017

My wife Ashley and I were recently teaching at a marriage conference and we asked the couples do something that only took five seconds, but it made a permanent impact in their marriages. They talked about it for the rest of the…

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The advice that changed our marriage forever

By Dave Willis on February 15, 2017

My wife Ashley and I have been working with married couples for most of our own married life. One of our favorite parts of our work is asking other couples their favorite marriage advice. We’ve learned so much from couples who are…

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