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I was recently having lunch with a friend and he shared some frustrations he was having in his sex life. I asked him if he wanted to elaborate (not because I was trying to pry into the intimate details of his marriage or be a creepy voyeur, but because both online and in person, I try to be a safe place for people to voice whatever struggles they might be having in marriage).

He immediately opened and said, “When we first got together, there were no limits in our sex life. My wife was ready to act out any fantasy I could imagine. Both of us had a wild past and our views of sex had been shaped by our own experiences and a lot of exposure to porn. We even watched a lot of porn together as a way to spice things up in our own sex life. Our relationship¬†wasn’t great but our sex life was amazing. When we got serious about our faith, we realized that porn was ‘out of bounds’ in a Christian marriage. Jesus taught that to look at another person with lust is to commit adultery in your heart. It was tough to give up, but we both felt like it was the right thing. The problem is that while now while our marriage is better overall, our sex life feels like it’s at an all-time low.”

What he said next surprised me and he revealed more intimate details than I was expecting



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