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One of my all-time most popular posts addressed the 9 things married men need to stop doing. It went viral and started countless conversations about how men can and should stop some common behaviors and attitudes that are hindering their marriages. There was an immediate request for a followup article on the things married women need to stop doing.

I’ve waited a long time to write this follow up because my amazing wife Ashley has written similar articles on her blog (which were wonderful and insightful). Plus, I wanted to make sure I had the research and facts to say something original, accurate and meaningful instead of just rushing to capitalize on the success of the first article. More than a year after the Men’s article, I’m finally ready to release the Women’s version. I hope that both the Men’s and Women’s editions of these articles will spark some meaningful conversations and positive improvements in your marriage!

I’m convinced that marriages could instantly improve if wives would STOP doing the following nine things (in no particular order)…

1. Stop expecting your husband to read your mind.

Dave Willis marriage quote nonverbal communication don't expect yoru spouse husban wife to be a mindreader communicate clearly

Most women are naturally better at reading nonverbal cues than men. That’s a generalization, but it often holds true. Men aren’t as good at picking up on the nonverbals. We are more concrete in our communication. We need you to spell things out clearly with your words. Don’t be angry at your husband for not knowing something if you haven’t clearly communicated it to him. Be direct. He will appreciate it and it will save you both a lot of unnecessary frustration.

#2 happens often and it’s one of men’s biggest frustrations in marriage…



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