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The human body can survive only weeks without food, days without water and minutes without air. We need certain things to stay alive. In a similar way, a marriage needs certain things to stay alive. They’re not always as concrete as food, water and oxygen, but their importance to the health and survival of a marriage is just as vital.

Below are eight fundamental actions that EVERY marriage needs regularly. If any of these is missing from your marriage, please take immediate action to add it. For additional ways to quickly bring some healthy new habits and renewed passion to your marriage, check out our new book, 7 Days to a Stronger Marriage” (Husbands Edition & Wives Edition) which outline the process for a 7-Day Marriage Challenge could dramatically improve your marriage in just one week.

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Here are the 8 things no marriage can live without (in no particular order)…

1. Transparency

Transparency is basically just another word for “honesty,” but I love the picture that the word “transparency” paints because it’s also another work for “nakedness.” A marriage needs nakedness and not just physical nakedness. You need to be emotionally naked with your spouse. In practical terms, this means having no secrets. You can’t hide anything (your money, your motives, your actions, etc.) from your spouse. The level of your honesty and transparency will ultimately determine the level of your intimacy.

#2 should happen all the time, but sadly, it’s missing from so many marriages...



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