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When people think of a timeless book that holds the keys to great sex, their first thought might be the Kama Sutra, but I’d argue a better choice would actually be the the Bible. Perhaps it surprises you to think of the Bible as a practical manual for your sex life, but I’m convinced its the most important resource at your disposal to help you have a healthy sex life (and every other part of your life as well). Here’s why…

God created sex. He created love. He created life. He created YOU and He has a beautiful plan for your life. Regardless of your faith (or lack of faith), I’d encourage to to explore God’s plan for sex, because the world’s plan for sex is creating a culture of heartbreak, objectifying women, broken marriages, pain and regret. God’s plan is MUCH better. Here are a few of the sometimes surprising teachings about sex in the Bible:

Here are eight Bible verses with some steamy and surprising truths about SEX (in no particular order)…



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