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In the years I’ve been working with married couples and researching the factors that make a healthy marriage, I’ve discovered something surprising along the way… Many times a husband will do something to hurt his wife’s feelings without even realizing he’s done it. Some of the deepest wounds inflicted in a marriage happen unintentionally.

Husbands, let me talk straight to you guys for a minute. We need to be more thoughtful. We need to be more respectful. We need to understand that our wives are wired up differently that we are, and some things that wouldn’t necessarily bother us can be deeply hurtful to them.

Please take a minute and read this list. Ask yourself if any of these are happening in your marriage AND THEN ask your wife if you’ve been guilty of any of these. You might have some blindspots and you might be doing some of these to hurt her without even realizing it. I hope this sparks some great conversations in your marriage and fosters healing instead of unintentional hurts in your marriage!

7 Ways Men Hurt Their Wives’ Feelings By Accident are (in no particular order)…



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